About Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Key Events in LightSquared-GPS Proceeding

    LightSquared representatives meet with FCC officials | Read More
  • GPSIA Presentation to PNT Board

    Proposed European (CEPT) Regulation Would Allow Harmful Interferers Into An ARNS & RNSS Radiofrequency Band Within Europe | Read More
  • Weak Signals, Quiet Neighborhood

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  • GPS Report

    The Economic Benefits of Commercial GPS Use in the U.S. and The Costs of Potential Disruption. | Read More
  • Economic Study

    Study Shows Importance of Commercial GPS to the U.S. Economy. | Read More
  • Government GPS Investments

    The U.S. Government is the Biggest Single User of GPS; Has Invested at Least $43 Billion in It. | Read More
  • The LightSquared Issue

    A Short History | Read More